PC Games vs Android Games

It’s no secret that the video game industry has simply exploded over the last few years, which was only propelled by smartphones coming on to the scene. Now, people can play games on their phones just as well as they could play on PC, but the real question remains: Is it better to play on the PC or on phones? More to the point, are PC games better than Android games? Let’s dive into the discussion.

PC vs Android games

PC Games

PC GamesFor the most part PC games are basically just games that can be played on a personal computer, be it a desktop or a laptop. There are several different types of video games that can be played on these platforms, a lot more than most people even know about. There’s the standard AAA titles that are found even on consoles such as the Call of Duty series, indie video games that became behemoths in their own right like Minecraft, and text-based video games that’s like having an interactive book.

In any case, it would take too much time to list all of the different types of games that one can play on a PC, so let’s just jump to the part about what makes it such a good platform for games. For one thing, PCs can get incredibly powerful, allowing you to play titles on them at what the community calls God-like graphical qualities. There’s also the fact that PCs rarely have restrictions.

Android Gamesandroid games

Android games are basically games that you can play on your Android phone. By the very nature of the platform, such games don’t really come with an awful lot of graphical capabilities, but this hasn’t stopped a lot of titles from becoming fun. As Android phones evolve, their capacity to allow for amazing video game experiences has also grown, even enabling gamers to play titles like League of Legends or DOTA on their smart devices.

PC VS Android

So, now that you have some idea of what we’re looking at, let’s do a quick comparison between the two. Just to make things simple, let’s break this down into several categories.

  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Convenience

In terms of quality, we need to leave some wiggle room here since comparing the PC to Android phones is hardly fair. As such, let’s just say that comparatively speaking, there are a lot more high quality video games on the PC, but there are also plenty of great games on Android. There’s Pokémon Go, for example, and Super Mario Run is another.

Since PCs invariably have more power, PC games are obviously going to have the upper hand in the sector of performance. However, some Android games are actually pretty smart in how they take advantage of the limited processing muscles of high end devices.

When it comes to the price, Android games are the winner, hands down. Putting every game side by side will make it clear that for paid games, smartphone titles will always be cheaper. They get even cheaper when you use Coupon Codes that correspond to these games.

Then there’s the matter of convenience, which is a huge deal for people these days. With the simple portability and everyday use of Android phones, Android games are the clear winners in this round.